Sunday, December 13, 2009


We all had a BLAST on Saturday bowling with Friends! The kids almost beat the adults. ;) Teddy Sager was the overall Winner! And, of course, I LOST! BOOOOO

Christmas Tree Decorating!

Skating Party!

Jason and I have not been skating in FOREVER! The kids have NEVER been till a few weeks ago. The boys were invited to a Bday Party and they had a great time. However, they wanted to play the arcade games more than skate. ;) We were all so sore the next day. BUT, we cant wait to go back.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Buzz and Wolverine already tearing into the candy.
My little Lady Bug. She carried her own basket the whole time. She even started reaching into peoples buckets getting her own candy. LOL

The group. They were so ready to get their hands on the candy this is the only way I could take their picture.


So, a few days ago I posted a picture of a bear that Luke received at school from his friend Bailey. Well, the DAY AFTER THAT this is what he came home with from ANOTHER girl named Rowen. Oh LORD! It says 'I want to kiss'! Are you kidding me????

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pack Halloween Party

Luke getting ready to dig into his candy
Kaleb didnt even wait as long as Luke.

Can you see the cup cake in Riley's hand?

Love Notes!!

Is it TRUE???? Do Love Notes really start this YOUNG??? The picture above is from Luke's "girlfriend" Bailey. They met last year and in the same class and proclaimed their love for one another. LOL Well this year they are in different classes so they only get to see one another at recess. Look at the back of this cute bear on the next picture.
YEP! You read that right. Can you believe it????? Kids, too funny!

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