Monday, April 27, 2009

REMEMBERANCE of PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is one of those days where you want to be happy, but you cry at the same time. One of mine and Jason's good friends Levi Pigman died on Sat. 25, 2009. He has been in the Unit with Jason since 2001. He was the first part of OUR GROUP of friends here. He LOVED life and lived it to the fullest.
He owned a Harley and went across country on it. He has seen the world because of the military. He fought in Wars and survived them. He loves skiing and snowboarding. Anything that has to do with being out on the water. He of course hunted and fished. Don't forget all the fun times with friends.
Levi was an amazing man whose life was cut short on Saturday. He was always running marathons to help different charities. This weekend he was running the City Music March which was 13 miles long.(normal length for him to do) Upon completion with his dad finishing 12 min. before him he fell to the ground and said he didn't feel very well. He died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. He had a Heart Attack. He was 25 years of age and had a Heart Attack. Levi leaves behind both sets of parents and step-parents. Three brothers, a soon to be Fiance, and LOTS OF FRIENDS. If you knew Pig you liked him. That is his nick name to us.
I am taking it hard and I only seen him at get togethers or eating out. But that has been for the past 8 yrs. My husband seen him on a daily basis. Worked with him, deployed with him. They even watched each others back while being in war. I can't imagine how he is feeling. Please keep all of Levi's friends and family in your prayers.
He is from Montana, so his body will be moved back home for the services. The military will be doing a service for him here on Friday the 1st. Jason and a few of the closest friends will be getting to go to his actual service in Montana. They will be leaving on Tuesday. Jason has been asked to be one of the Casket Carrriers. A great honor to him.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


My Kaleb is THREE! Let me tell you the past three years have been something. I must be paying for how me or Jason acted as a child with Kaleb. He at times can be the most caring, sweetest, loving, considerate, funny child you will ever meet. He melts my heart and times and I know he will be an AMAZING adult. That's the part I'm paying for me. ;)

Then, on the down side, paying for the way Jason acted as a child. LOL Where do I begin. The past three years he as ALWAYS been a mommy's boy. First I liked it of course, he was supposed to be my last. But now, attached at my hip. Throws a FIT if I try and leave him anywhere. Temper Tantrum KING! Cries about everything. His was or NO way. Eats gum like its food. Says 'I want chocolate milk then 1 min. later screams bloody murder to have sweet tea! Need I go on? LOL

So bring on the birthdays, as hopefully with every one he will outgrow all the bad things and only be a replica of me. LOL ;)

Monday, April 20, 2009


Hey everyone,

I redone our bedroom this winter while Jason was gone. When Jason leaves I take that time to do decorative stuff to the house. So that I dont have to hear him grip about me redoing things that were already done. LOL We both had been wanting a new look to our room so thats what we got. He kept talking about cabins. He wants to buy a cabin in the woods somwhere. So I took that and ran with it. I tried to make it have a cabin feel. How do you think I done?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter '09'

Easter. Wow. Can I tell you that this was the busiest easter whe have EVER had as a family. You really can tell that I am a stay at home mother now. When I was working the kids were LUCKY to get to be doing something on the holidays. Because I was always at work. NOW. Every chance we get we do something with them and other kids. NOW we can. And I am so glad.
Anyway, back to the story. So Easter morning we get up and eat breakfast. We bring the kids their baskets, go to church, then head over to Lisas for lunch and a hunt. Some other friends joined us over there and we grilled and ate. Very good food lisa ;) Then the hunt began. There were eggs everywhere. I helped Riley get two, one real and one plastic. As you can see she was ready to eat the real on. LOL The kids went wild. Luke, racked up. We shared with other kids because god knows my kids dont need any more candy. LOL Kaleb ONLY found real eggs and no REAL EGGS that he wanted. (he kept telling me he wanted real eggs, with candy) We left Lisa's about 430 and let the kids sleep in the car till 6 when it was time to go again.
At 615 we headed to our neighbors house for another dinner and hunt. YEP! Two hunts in one day. Can you imagine the candy I need to get rid of? LOL The dinner was GREAT and the kids would step one foot out and there would be ANOTHER egg for them to get. There had to have been 100 eggs out in the yard. It was AMAZING! I have NEVER seen so many colors on the grass. LOL
Finally our night ended at 8pm when we brought the kids home for bed. And honestly they didnt fight one bit. They were ready for it. ;)
So back to easter.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The ZOO!

So, while in Memphis on our visit we just HAD to take the kiddos to the ZOO! Right? LOL
It was soooooo relaxing to just go and walk around and take our time. The kids were enjoying being outside for a change and the weather was amazing! They were loving the animals that there were'nt really a lot of break downs. (Kaleb of course) And the strollers. WOW! they were two seaters but with our family being the work it out kind of people we are, of course we made it work. LOL two sat in the seat straped and one set in front of Riley since her legs were so short.
Caleb(Deanna's hubby) even came for a while. The boys were loving that. They just love being with grown up boys(men) lol. And they love their Uncle Caleb. He is so good with them. They rode on shoulders, ran togeather, raced, played on the playground. What I'm saying is that when Caleb was around, he was the only one the boys wanted anything to do with. LOL THANKS FOR THE BREAK UNCLE CALEB!!!!!!!! ;) U can baby sit anytime.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Luke-enough said!

OK! So, anyone that spends time with us on a regular basis knows that Luke is our CLASS CLOWN! The week before spring break there was an awards ceremony at school. Luke got FOUR awards. Crazy huh? LOL
He did. One for recognizing numbers 0-25. One for being able to count to 100. One for ABC's. And one for PERFECT ATTENDANCE. Im sorry but I think I should have gotten that one. LOL He doesnt want to go to school, I make him. LOL anyway thats a diff. story.
So we go to watch him and on the way to the podium he pulls his collar on his shirt up. LOL YEP like hes Elvis or something. GEEEEZ You should have heard the crown laugh. It was so funny. SO here are some pics. of my class clown receiving his awards.

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