Monday, August 31, 2009


Click on the links to the right and they will take you too the coupon websites that I have found. And how to make $5 dinner. ;) Man Im AMAZING.! LOL


This first picture is what I got from walgreens
Two bottles of VIVE Pro shampoo - 4.99 each (Buy one get one) also used a coupon = 3.99
Two glade candles - 2.50 each used $3.00 coupon = 2.00
carefree - 1.00 Used 1.00 coupon = FREE
Had an additions 15% OFF coupon entire order
Total WAS $19. I PAID $6.00
PLUS got $3.00 in coupons for my next visit. SO really only spent $3.00

This was from Target
4 boxes Special K bars
1 box special K cereal
5 tubs of Edys Ice cream
1 bread
1 starburst
1 dove deodorant
1 tiral tide
1 trial all
1 aveeno lotion
1 Travel hungry hippos game
1 huggies wipes

I got ALL of this for -----are you ready-----$15.61
YES $15.61
I saved $41.70 in coupons PLUS got $10 in gift cards for the special K products and Edys Ice creams. I can use the gift cards for my next shoping trip. So, I really only spent $5.61...................WOW!

If your not a couponer I challenge you to start saving money that thousands of people in the world are. I know I am a believer and Im gonna keep saving that MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Heavy Sleeper

And this is what Luke looks like after a LONG night of sleep. DO NOT ASK how he got his shirt like this. LOL All I know is that when he went to bed it was right and when he woke up, I had to take a picture. LOL What can I say... he gets it from his momma. ;)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Picking up Sticks!

A few weeks ago we had a big storm that came through and split one of out trees in half. We are in the process of getting someone out to grind the stump but before they did that they needed to cut up the tree and haul it off. Luke decided he needed to help me clean up the sticks in the yard so that I could mow.

So, while cleaning up sticks he talked his brother into helping. They started making a pile then decided it would be good to get a fire going and roast marshmellows. Kaleb had two rocks and was rubbing them togeather and Luke had two sticks and was rubbing them togeather. Luke says "MOM, this is not even working. How did the old people get it to make fire." LOL

Monday, August 24, 2009

My deals at Target!

So, I have been looking for ways to save some money. Trying to learn all of the in and outs to coupons, and how to make them work the best for me. My cousin Chas has a blog and one of her friends uses this blog to get all the ins and outs of Couponing.

Above are the links to these sites. I tried it today and this is what I found. I went to Target and used the coupons and products that they had listed. One thing is missing in the photo - A 14oz. bag Starburst. My total for all of these products was $4.03. Heres a list of what i paid.

All Laundry 20oz - 0.00

Tide 20oz - +.03 (yes I MADE money on this)

Starburst - 1.04

Bread - 1.00

Dove Deodorant - .29

Colgate Kids - .99

Total 3.38

Tax .69

Total 4.07

SAVED $7.00 in Coupons.

Tell me Coupons dont work?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Play date

We love getting togeather with friends. Its fun for the kids to play with other kids. AND, it keeps them out of the parents hair. ;) We went to the park with Lisa and her girls. And April and her kids. The boys were trying to show me their grasshoppers that they had caught. They didnt play on the playground at ALL. They were just having fun with the nasty grasshoppers. lol

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mattress Jumpers

I clean house and the kids have a play time. I was changing Riley's sheets and the boys seen the perfect opportunity to climb mattresses. LOL The last picture was when the fun stoped. Not because they got hurt, but because it was bed time. ;) HA

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jump Zone

Here in Clarksville we have a building called Jump Zone. It is a HUGE room that had like 10 blowups that the kids can go and play on. The cost in only $7 per kid and they get to play for up to 4 hours per session. They love it of course. These are pics from right after school was out last year. They cute little girl is my Friend Lisa's daughter Kylie. She is one year younger than Luke. They always have a blast.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lukes in 1st grade!

WOW! And the time is here. I remember when Luke was born. He was by far my EASIEST

delivery EVER! Pushed 5 times and he was here. Didnt feel a thing. He was also a great baby. He had such an easy going temperment. He liked playing with the simple things. Like, pots and pans and bowls. When he was born I thought that getting to 1st grade was forever away. Now I realize that time FLIES when you have children. He is such a smart little boy. I know he will make us proud all through his years in school. Today he was way more excited to go to school than his half day last week. He said he had a new teacher and he missed his old teacher. And that all of the kids are new except for two little girls that were in his class last year. When I asked about his old girlfriend Bailey he got all shy and said that he didnt see her. hehe! I cant wait to hear all of the stories he has to tell us tonight.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Girls and Purses

I am so glad that I have a girl to share my love for purses and shoes! And let me tell you..

..She does share the LOVE! She is constantly into my shoes, and opening my purses. One day I went through my purses and found this purse that my mom and sister had made for all of my cousins of my Grandpa Lawson's Ties after he had passed. I was so glad to find this. I have been wondering where I had put it. AND, its the perfect size for her to use. She took to it right away. And of course I had to take some pics. ;) I miss my Grandpa Lawson more than words can say. And I'm so thankful that my mother and sister did this for us. Now my daughter can have something from her Great Grandpa.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baseball Groupies

This summer Jason played in our church Baseball league. Here in Clarksville all of the churches get a team and compete against each other. And some of the teams are very good. Ours however.....LOL. We wont get into that. I will tell you this, Jason always said God was trying to teach him humility. Is that enough said?The kiddos LOVED cheering their dad on. And playing with the other kids there. This game was the tournament. And here are his groupies watching daddy in the outfield. It is so sweet to hear them cheering Jason on.


Baby Smurf.! She found the icing that Luke dropped off of the cup cake. ;)

Rileys new Jeep! SORRY Jason. Your daughter got one before you. haha Little Miss Kaylin is trying to take her for a spin. It was so cute. And of course all of the BIG brothers were watching out for them.
As summer draws to an end I FINALLY get the boys brave enough to get into a BIG swimming pool without an adult holding onto them. Luke even said he could touch the bottom and went down. Unfortunately he didn't keep his mouth closed while he was under. But he was still bragging. I do believe next year will be the year for actual swim lessons. Kaleb went in and held onto the side for a while but then got tired and got out and just stood on the ladder.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Well, Summer is over. YAY! I hate summer. Not so much because all of the kids are home

and their is no school. Well some for that reason. LOL But most because I am not an outside girl. I HATE the heat. I hate the rain. I hate the humidity. Ive tried to be good this year since I am not working to do LOTS of stuff outside with the kids. But more times than not they agree with me on staying in. Uh Oh, what have I done to them. Kaleb is really the only one that like being outside. He takes after his daddy in so many ways. Riley is getting to where she likes it out too more each day. SO, I may have a tom girl on my hands with her. NOT too thrilled about that either. I want a little girly girl with having two boys. OH well. Love to all

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