Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday RILEY!!!!! WOOOHOOOO

Riley is ONE! YAY. My baby girl in now able to get her hair trimmed. Yep TRIMMED! I can't wait to have a girl with LONG hair. I have PLENTY of bows to use in that beautiful hair but her bangs are soooooooo long. So get ready Chasity you have the WONDERFUL BLESSINGS to cut my one and only daughters hair for the FIRST time next week. LOL

SO, anyway, back to the story. We got up on the 25th(Riley's b-day) and decided to go have a playdate and celebrate her b-day with some friends. We went to my friend Lisa's and Amanda, Julia and the kids were there. We just hung out and had fun. The Kids made craft hats for the sun. SOOO CUTE.

We will be having the REAL BIG party when I go to Arkansas next week. I cant wait

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hi All,
So I have finally taken the time to add some pics and thought I would tell you what happend.
Luke and Jason went to a BIG TRUCK SHOW about 3 weeks ago. None of the kids really get time ALONE with one of us a lot of the time. We usually do things all togeather. So when Jason heard about the show he KNEW he had to take Luke.

The show was in Nashville and they went alone. They had to be there by 530 for the meet and great with the drivers. And Jason said he LOVED it. You can tell a little by the face in the pictures. LOL They didnt get home until 1230 that night. Luke was asleep but he was sure to tell me about it the next day.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Staying Home

Hi all

So Ive been home for about a month now. I LOVE not working in the outside world. LOL I was worried about getting bored. UH NO! I stay plenty busy. With Kaleb eating 24/7 and Riley FINALLY crawling. We stay busy :)

We are finally on a schedule around here and I love it. I think the kiddos are adjusting to it also. Kaleb has stoped freaking out so much. Now he is even going to the gym and playing with friends without freaking out. YAY.

Luke is doing better in school. He has to start speech therapy next week at school. He just isnt pronouncing words like they would like.. Takes after his mom. :) He didnt get in trouble all week last week and that is a WONDERFUL achievement in itself.

Riley is currently sick. BOOOO Poor baby, this is the first time she has been sick like this though. So Im thankful for that. She is everywhere. Trying to get past the gate. Getting into EVERYTHING. I reorganized the living room the other day trying to Riley proof. :)

It is almost time for our trip to Arkansas and I cant wait. Im so excited. I miss my family so much. My Grandma Beal isnt doing real well these days. Pray for her please. Love to all.

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