Friday, July 24, 2009


My Amanda Panda. HAHA Thats gonna be your new nick name.
The Sagers. Teddy, Marti, Maddy, Jake, Wyatt. What a beautiful family

Isnt she Georgous.... I LOVE this picture of Jamie ;)

While being here at Campbell we have had the pleasure of GREAT FRIENDSHIPS! I don't have pictures of all that I would like to have up here. But, here are some of our best groupies. LOL SEE LISA YOU COULD BE UP HERE TOO IF YOU WOULD LET ME TAKE YOUR PICTURE! And Andi, next time we see you its picture time.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

sleeping with Papaw

Mom and Dad came down to visit a few weeks ago. The kids ALWAYS jump at the chance to sit in papaws lap. Well, this day by the time they got there was about the time they usually rest. SO , they decided to rest on Papaw. Don't you just love it! Oh and if you notice Luke has no shirt on. He thinks now that he is too old to whear a shirt to bed. LOL

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Safety Day

This is the MH-47 that Jason works on
Jason with Goldburg. Is that the wright spelling? LOL

All of the Star Wars characters were there this year. And believe me they took pics. with all of them too.

The Preditors were there teaching kids how to play hockey.

In the military they are required to do a few family days throughout the year. The Military calls them Safety Days. Its basically an extra day off for the guys, but, the whole family get to go to the Compound and look at where they work. Have fun on with friends, eat lunch, crafts, games, meet people. Anywho. Just a few pics.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Fun!

Well, this is the first summer I have been off. So we have been spending a lot of time outside. These are just a few of the pics of the fun in the sun they have been having. Dont you remember how much fun the slip N slide was when you were little. Well, its still a big hit around here. And now instead 0f useing the hose to keep the water on they have made it to where the hose hookes into the bottom and it has sprinklers going down the middle. How cool is that?

Friday, July 17, 2009


Flashback to Kaleb and Luke for Kalebs birth pictures.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


So, being a SAHM I have been trying to get better about making desserts for the kids. I used to just tear open a box of cookies or fruit roll ups. Now, I am branching out and doing some fun stuff. I think so far its a hit. LOL It was a little messy to clean up but the whole family enjoyed them. Im not even sure what they are called but its out of a Pampered Chef cook book.
Heres the recipe in case any else wants their kids to look like this. ;)
1 box of waffle bowls(like for ice cream)
1/2 cup of melted choc. chips
1/2 cup of melted white choc. chips
1 box of white choc. pudding
1cup of milk
K, cover the inside of the waffle bowls with melted choc. chips. Mix melted white choc. chips with pudding and milk. After that is mixed spoon that into the bowls. Then slice up stawberries for the top. It is SOOOO good. And its not hard at all. Hope all of your kids get messy. ha

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


GIRLS! OK, can I just say that while having boys I thought OH LORD they are soooooo difficult. All I wanted was a girl. The boys (I thought) were into everything. They had horrible attitudes(I thought). They threw temper tantrums worse than anyone(I thought). One of my friends Lisa has two girls. And while talking to her ALL the time on the phone I would be like Í really want a girl". She would then go on to explain that I had no idea about how girls were. And needless to say now I didnt believe her.

Well, I was soooo wrong. YES they boys are momma's boys. BUT...... GIRLS.....! Riley is just learning how to walk. Shes been walking for about two weeks now and let me tell you. The TRASH is her favorite place to get into stuff. It amazes me. Her stinky diapers will be in there and she will be diggin through the trash. Can anyone explain this to me.? So, the other day I walk into the kitchen and she had out trash of course. Which for supper that night we had pork chops so she decided to dig out the package that the chops were in. ALONG WITH the pack of bloody clothes that were with it. EEEEEWWWWWWWW! She had it everywhere. On the trash can, on her face, in the floor, on her carpet going into her room. I seriously had a freak out.. Called mom and asked her opinion while throwing her in the bath to de-blood her.

ANYWHO, I guess all the excitement wore both of us out because after the bath I set her in the floor and went to cleaning the rest of the mess up before the boys decided to play too. When I went back into the living room the blow picture is what I found. OH HOW SWEET she was. And I couldnt help but to love her again. LOL. The top pic. is what she did after she heard the camera and seen the flash. ha GIRLS GOTTA LOVE EM! On that note... MOM, I love you very much for putting up with all of my issues of girlness. And you are my hero of the mommyness. *if that is a word*

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Fish

A friend of Jason's at work lives out by the River. He is right on the bank. So we went over there for a cookout and fishin. This was the boys first time FISHING! They both caught a fish. The top pic is luke with his fish. Unfortunatley the fish didnt make it. It was so hungry he took the hook with him to his grave. Poor Fish.
This is Kaleb with his first fish. And i tried to get it close enough to show that the fish was peeing on Luke. LOL! I promise, he was. LOL But Kaleb got the first fish caught of the two. He will definately be dads fishing partner when he gets a little older.

This is when they were getting ready to go down to the river. If you notice Luke had his pole here. And after reaching the river it was thrown into the river by Dad who said it was broke, and he wasnt dealing with it. WHAT? I was like "give it back so I can take it and get my money back." LOL NOPE he thows it in the river. Thanks a lot!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Notorious PIG's

These are a little late. But a few months ago our Unit had their annual Softball league tournament. And these are pics of the guys and Wifes. ;) We won the tournament of course. LOL The games started at 8am and we didnt get back home until 5pm. The name of our team was Notorious P.I.G.'s in honor of our good friend Levi Pigman that was the coach until his death. It was very fun and the kids had a blast. I know that they had an angel watching them from above that gave them the extra push at the end of the day to win it. We love and miss you Pig!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mowin the grass

So if this isnt the most adorable thing ever.....

First of all Kaleb is our outside kid. He LOVES being outside. If there is a min. in the day he is able to be out he is. So when Jason says something about mowing Kaleb is ready. LOL

This is what it looks like when we mow at our house.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

MJs Death

Hey all, sorry its been a while since I bloged. I just need to vent a little and see who all agrees with me.....

Ok, so we all know about MJ and Farah Faucet's death. We all know how MJ had such an impact on the music industry and that he will be remembered forever. He will be like Elvis for years to come. Thats great. MJ did some amazing music and although he was not my favorite I can say that he did lead the way for many types of music and where music is today. What makes me sad about this whole thing is that Farah Faucet also died. Where are all the shows on her and her memorial service.? I understand that she was not a leader in Music and that she didnt do half of the things that MJ did. HOWEVER, Farah Faucet died of Cancer. She had been dealing with this for years. They did a show on her last months with Cancer. And when she passes we hear NOTHING! Farah Faucet paved the way for MANY young women wanting to be models and acctresses. She did many great things with her life. She never was in Court for some aweful speculations made by other people. And I think that we as a country should be very ashamed for not remembering her and her family at this time also.

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