Saturday, February 21, 2009

Getting Started!


So I told my cousin Chasity that I would do this MONTHS ago. SORRY Chas. :) Better late than never. So Luke is in Kindergarden and its not going so well. LOL He is in trouble more than not. Takes well after his dad. He has been loosing TV lots the past month. But were close to spring break so hopefully he'll be better after our trip to visit family.

Kaleb, WOW where to start? He is a MESS. Hes still in his "I'm going to WHINE about EVERYTHING" untill I get my way. UGH. Hes doing well with his colors though. And He asked how old I was the other day and I said 26. He came back and said you were 25? I was SHOCKED. We havent even worked on numbers yet.

Riley oh my sweet baby girl Riley. She is so lazy. LOL She is almost 11 months and still wont crawl. She will only stand with help. And will only sit for small amounts of time before laying down. She is totally takeing this 'since Im a baby' thing far. She is the most adorable thing ever though. (Chasity - she started crinkling her nose up when she smiles like Anna Grace.) It is SOOOOOO adorable. I think of Anna every time she does it.

Well Ill write more in a few days. Love and Miss everyone.

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We are a crazy family of Five! Luke is 7, Kaleb is 5, and Riley is almost 3. My husband is in the Military and I am a stay at home monther. I am going to try and pick the blog back up after a little over a year! I have started "crafting" and I will be sharing what I do as well as parts of our lives with The DeNote Kiddos! I hope you enjoy it!!