Saturday, March 7, 2009

Staying Home

Hi all

So Ive been home for about a month now. I LOVE not working in the outside world. LOL I was worried about getting bored. UH NO! I stay plenty busy. With Kaleb eating 24/7 and Riley FINALLY crawling. We stay busy :)

We are finally on a schedule around here and I love it. I think the kiddos are adjusting to it also. Kaleb has stoped freaking out so much. Now he is even going to the gym and playing with friends without freaking out. YAY.

Luke is doing better in school. He has to start speech therapy next week at school. He just isnt pronouncing words like they would like.. Takes after his mom. :) He didnt get in trouble all week last week and that is a WONDERFUL achievement in itself.

Riley is currently sick. BOOOO Poor baby, this is the first time she has been sick like this though. So Im thankful for that. She is everywhere. Trying to get past the gate. Getting into EVERYTHING. I reorganized the living room the other day trying to Riley proof. :)

It is almost time for our trip to Arkansas and I cant wait. Im so excited. I miss my family so much. My Grandma Beal isnt doing real well these days. Pray for her please. Love to all.

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