Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter '09'

Easter. Wow. Can I tell you that this was the busiest easter whe have EVER had as a family. You really can tell that I am a stay at home mother now. When I was working the kids were LUCKY to get to be doing something on the holidays. Because I was always at work. NOW. Every chance we get we do something with them and other kids. NOW we can. And I am so glad.
Anyway, back to the story. So Easter morning we get up and eat breakfast. We bring the kids their baskets, go to church, then head over to Lisas for lunch and a hunt. Some other friends joined us over there and we grilled and ate. Very good food lisa ;) Then the hunt began. There were eggs everywhere. I helped Riley get two, one real and one plastic. As you can see she was ready to eat the real on. LOL The kids went wild. Luke, racked up. We shared with other kids because god knows my kids dont need any more candy. LOL Kaleb ONLY found real eggs and no REAL EGGS that he wanted. (he kept telling me he wanted real eggs, with candy) We left Lisa's about 430 and let the kids sleep in the car till 6 when it was time to go again.
At 615 we headed to our neighbors house for another dinner and hunt. YEP! Two hunts in one day. Can you imagine the candy I need to get rid of? LOL The dinner was GREAT and the kids would step one foot out and there would be ANOTHER egg for them to get. There had to have been 100 eggs out in the yard. It was AMAZING! I have NEVER seen so many colors on the grass. LOL
Finally our night ended at 8pm when we brought the kids home for bed. And honestly they didnt fight one bit. They were ready for it. ;)
So back to easter.

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