Friday, April 10, 2009

The ZOO!

So, while in Memphis on our visit we just HAD to take the kiddos to the ZOO! Right? LOL
It was soooooo relaxing to just go and walk around and take our time. The kids were enjoying being outside for a change and the weather was amazing! They were loving the animals that there were'nt really a lot of break downs. (Kaleb of course) And the strollers. WOW! they were two seaters but with our family being the work it out kind of people we are, of course we made it work. LOL two sat in the seat straped and one set in front of Riley since her legs were so short.
Caleb(Deanna's hubby) even came for a while. The boys were loving that. They just love being with grown up boys(men) lol. And they love their Uncle Caleb. He is so good with them. They rode on shoulders, ran togeather, raced, played on the playground. What I'm saying is that when Caleb was around, he was the only one the boys wanted anything to do with. LOL THANKS FOR THE BREAK UNCLE CALEB!!!!!!!! ;) U can baby sit anytime.

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