Thursday, April 23, 2009


My Kaleb is THREE! Let me tell you the past three years have been something. I must be paying for how me or Jason acted as a child with Kaleb. He at times can be the most caring, sweetest, loving, considerate, funny child you will ever meet. He melts my heart and times and I know he will be an AMAZING adult. That's the part I'm paying for me. ;)

Then, on the down side, paying for the way Jason acted as a child. LOL Where do I begin. The past three years he as ALWAYS been a mommy's boy. First I liked it of course, he was supposed to be my last. But now, attached at my hip. Throws a FIT if I try and leave him anywhere. Temper Tantrum KING! Cries about everything. His was or NO way. Eats gum like its food. Says 'I want chocolate milk then 1 min. later screams bloody murder to have sweet tea! Need I go on? LOL

So bring on the birthdays, as hopefully with every one he will outgrow all the bad things and only be a replica of me. LOL ;)

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