Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Luke-enough said!

OK! So, anyone that spends time with us on a regular basis knows that Luke is our CLASS CLOWN! The week before spring break there was an awards ceremony at school. Luke got FOUR awards. Crazy huh? LOL
He did. One for recognizing numbers 0-25. One for being able to count to 100. One for ABC's. And one for PERFECT ATTENDANCE. Im sorry but I think I should have gotten that one. LOL He doesnt want to go to school, I make him. LOL anyway thats a diff. story.
So we go to watch him and on the way to the podium he pulls his collar on his shirt up. LOL YEP like hes Elvis or something. GEEEEZ You should have heard the crown laugh. It was so funny. SO here are some pics. of my class clown receiving his awards.

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