Saturday, September 5, 2009

Open House

OK, this is my problem..... This is Luke's picture that he did of himself. The coloring is ok. The writing???? I'm really worried about. I know hes still only 5, and I know hes only in 1st grade. BUT, you should have seen the other kids work. They were all so nice and neat. The upper case letters and lower case letters actually looked right. Jason and I both don't have the best writing so I suppose he gets it from us. BUT, after seeing that, we now write 5 sentences a day. lol I don't want him to suffer because I haven't been so good at doing much at home with him. Going to Open House gave me a BIG wake up call.
This is his Teacher Mrs. Harris. She seems very nice and soft spoken. Luke took her a gift and said "Thanks for teaching me stuff." It was so cute. ;)
This is his desk.
The computer room. They have the nicest computers I have seen at a school.
The library. It is so cute and short. LOL

This past Thursday was Open house at Luke's school. He was sooooo excited to show me the "secret way" to get to his class. Which was through the front door. LOL
"and a special thanks to Andi for helping me with the camera issues I was having. Now my hubby can see this. ;) I owe you one Andi."

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  1. Christy.. Seth's handwriting was terrible.. it's better, but still needs to improve! In therapy, they gave us some ideas to strengthen his Fine Motor Skills.. here are just a few..

    *Take the laces out of his shoes and let him put them back in.
    *Place a dime or penny on a table and let him pick it up. It's easier said than done

    You can also purchase these cool looking pencil grips. You can't buy them in the store, but you can get them from Ebay.. I will look them up and send you the link. Seth's therapist thinks the grips are wonderful.
    Don't stress out.. Luke will be fine!

    love, Mandi


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