Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009

Riley's American Flag Shirt!

WOW! It does not even seem like it has already been 8 YEARS since this has happend. I know it sounds crazy that I say that with Jason being right in the middle of all of this. BUT, it just doesnt. This is his JOB. So to us its normal. Its just something that he has to do. He comes and goes.

I still remember where I was on that day. I was in the Drs. Office. I had not been feeling good so I went to get some medicine. I walked in and noticed the TV. I thought they had been watching a movie. Then I seen the reports start. I was acctually the first person to figure it out in the office that this was real. This was acctually happening. And im MY lifetime..... I remember EVERYONE freaking about Gas prices and Jason taking my car while I was at work to fill it up. He waited for like 2 hrs. in the gas line. And paid like $6.75 a gallon or something crazy.

My thoughts are prayers go out to ALL of the families and friends who's life were affected on that day and still to this day. We will NEVER forget.

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