Sunday, July 5, 2009

MJs Death

Hey all, sorry its been a while since I bloged. I just need to vent a little and see who all agrees with me.....

Ok, so we all know about MJ and Farah Faucet's death. We all know how MJ had such an impact on the music industry and that he will be remembered forever. He will be like Elvis for years to come. Thats great. MJ did some amazing music and although he was not my favorite I can say that he did lead the way for many types of music and where music is today. What makes me sad about this whole thing is that Farah Faucet also died. Where are all the shows on her and her memorial service.? I understand that she was not a leader in Music and that she didnt do half of the things that MJ did. HOWEVER, Farah Faucet died of Cancer. She had been dealing with this for years. They did a show on her last months with Cancer. And when she passes we hear NOTHING! Farah Faucet paved the way for MANY young women wanting to be models and acctresses. She did many great things with her life. She never was in Court for some aweful speculations made by other people. And I think that we as a country should be very ashamed for not remembering her and her family at this time also.

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