Wednesday, July 15, 2009


GIRLS! OK, can I just say that while having boys I thought OH LORD they are soooooo difficult. All I wanted was a girl. The boys (I thought) were into everything. They had horrible attitudes(I thought). They threw temper tantrums worse than anyone(I thought). One of my friends Lisa has two girls. And while talking to her ALL the time on the phone I would be like Í really want a girl". She would then go on to explain that I had no idea about how girls were. And needless to say now I didnt believe her.

Well, I was soooo wrong. YES they boys are momma's boys. BUT...... GIRLS.....! Riley is just learning how to walk. Shes been walking for about two weeks now and let me tell you. The TRASH is her favorite place to get into stuff. It amazes me. Her stinky diapers will be in there and she will be diggin through the trash. Can anyone explain this to me.? So, the other day I walk into the kitchen and she had out trash of course. Which for supper that night we had pork chops so she decided to dig out the package that the chops were in. ALONG WITH the pack of bloody clothes that were with it. EEEEEWWWWWWWW! She had it everywhere. On the trash can, on her face, in the floor, on her carpet going into her room. I seriously had a freak out.. Called mom and asked her opinion while throwing her in the bath to de-blood her.

ANYWHO, I guess all the excitement wore both of us out because after the bath I set her in the floor and went to cleaning the rest of the mess up before the boys decided to play too. When I went back into the living room the blow picture is what I found. OH HOW SWEET she was. And I couldnt help but to love her again. LOL. The top pic. is what she did after she heard the camera and seen the flash. ha GIRLS GOTTA LOVE EM! On that note... MOM, I love you very much for putting up with all of my issues of girlness. And you are my hero of the mommyness. *if that is a word*

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