Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Fish

A friend of Jason's at work lives out by the River. He is right on the bank. So we went over there for a cookout and fishin. This was the boys first time FISHING! They both caught a fish. The top pic is luke with his fish. Unfortunatley the fish didnt make it. It was so hungry he took the hook with him to his grave. Poor Fish.
This is Kaleb with his first fish. And i tried to get it close enough to show that the fish was peeing on Luke. LOL! I promise, he was. LOL But Kaleb got the first fish caught of the two. He will definately be dads fishing partner when he gets a little older.

This is when they were getting ready to go down to the river. If you notice Luke had his pole here. And after reaching the river it was thrown into the river by Dad who said it was broke, and he wasnt dealing with it. WHAT? I was like "give it back so I can take it and get my money back." LOL NOPE he thows it in the river. Thanks a lot!

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