Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lukes in 1st grade!

WOW! And the time is here. I remember when Luke was born. He was by far my EASIEST

delivery EVER! Pushed 5 times and he was here. Didnt feel a thing. He was also a great baby. He had such an easy going temperment. He liked playing with the simple things. Like, pots and pans and bowls. When he was born I thought that getting to 1st grade was forever away. Now I realize that time FLIES when you have children. He is such a smart little boy. I know he will make us proud all through his years in school. Today he was way more excited to go to school than his half day last week. He said he had a new teacher and he missed his old teacher. And that all of the kids are new except for two little girls that were in his class last year. When I asked about his old girlfriend Bailey he got all shy and said that he didnt see her. hehe! I cant wait to hear all of the stories he has to tell us tonight.

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