Monday, August 24, 2009

My deals at Target!

So, I have been looking for ways to save some money. Trying to learn all of the in and outs to coupons, and how to make them work the best for me. My cousin Chas has a blog and one of her friends uses this blog to get all the ins and outs of Couponing.

Above are the links to these sites. I tried it today and this is what I found. I went to Target and used the coupons and products that they had listed. One thing is missing in the photo - A 14oz. bag Starburst. My total for all of these products was $4.03. Heres a list of what i paid.

All Laundry 20oz - 0.00

Tide 20oz - +.03 (yes I MADE money on this)

Starburst - 1.04

Bread - 1.00

Dove Deodorant - .29

Colgate Kids - .99

Total 3.38

Tax .69

Total 4.07

SAVED $7.00 in Coupons.

Tell me Coupons dont work?

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